Monday, March 03, 2008

Rifle Shooting

I was randomly trawling around the Net the other day when I came across my scores from last year's shooting competition. And I was fairly surprised at my scores! Turns out that I'm not too bad with a rifle. And I really love the 0.22 small bore rifles. They are just so fun to shoot!

Okay, I know that my scores weren't earth shatteringly impressive (only in the 80%-tile). But I'm happy with the scores nonetheless. I'm not dedicated enough to train rigorously for it. I guess that I have to thank all the many hours I had spent on first person shooters, for my score. I only join competitions for fun as I shoot for the fun factor. I just like the feeling of squeezing the trigger and have a gun go off. Bang!!

Shooting a rifle is very different from shooting a pistol. I definitely suck at pistol. I don't have enough patience to wait for it. I tend to anticipate my shots and squeeze them off before it's ready. Rifles are more fun to shoot with. I can just pick one up and fire off a few rounds accurately. That's why it's fun to shoot. Just pick it up, squeeze, recoil, reload, rinse and repeat. Fun!!!

I actually thought of buying an air pistol and bringing it home with me. It's not too expensive and it doesn't require a license to own in the UK. It would be a fun, and potentially useful, toy to have. Unfortunately, according to a family friend who is an SP back home, we require a license to own an air pistol at home. Seeing that I do not have a license, I would not be able to bring it home. So, I guess that it's back to first person shooters for me! Saves me the money too!

PS: I actually got an entry form sent to me the other day, from the NRA, for another competition coming up. Was very interesting since I had never received anything like this before!


Dan said...
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Dan said...

eh... that's cuz the rifle shooting done by the pistol club uses pistol targets!! it is FREAKING HUGE!!!

the ones used by actual competitions like biathlons (you shoot after cross-country skiing a few km) are about 5cm in diameter... i think your pistol shooting is better leh..

Dan said...

incidentally, i went to measure the size of the bullseye of the target used in our bisley competition and the bullseye is 5 cm in diameter :P