Thursday, October 04, 2007

Interesting Day

I had an interesting day today.

Firstly, I found my laundry room! Yes, it is quite an achievement! I have been searching high and low for it, for two days. The thing is, I was told that they are installing a new laundry room in the house. When I arrived, I saw a little notice posted up on our notice board that we should reduce our use of the drier and use the clothesline outside if the weather is fine. So, I knew that there was a laundry room somewhere.

But after searching the basement, ground floor, first floor, and top floor, I just couldn't find it. Then, I thought that it might be outside, and I looked around the back, and it wasn't there either. So, I asked the cleaner where it was, this morning and she pointed me to one of the rooms in the basement. It seems that Queens had converted one of the basement rooms into a laundry room. I didn't open the door because I thought that it was a normal room. They hadn't changed the signs on the door.

Secondly, something weird happened in the afternoon. I was taking a nap when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it in my half awake/asleep state to find a Chinese looking girl standing at my door. She proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions. I wasn't quite alert enough to hold an intelligible conversation. It seems that she's a student from Fitz. She was so excited that she found a nice room (next to mine) here.

Then, we looked at her room. While we were there, she said: "Is the room hot or is it just me" and proceeded to take off her jacket. Then, we talked a bit more, and I found out that she's from HongKong. Then, I went back to my room and took some time waking up. Then, I thought: Did someone actually knock on my door or was it all just some weird dream? If it was a dream, it was an extremely boring one.

When I got home this evening, the room was in total darkness. But come to think of it, I sort of recall seeing light from that room the night before. Hmm, none of this is making any sense. So, I still don't know if I had actually met a new house mate this afternoon, or did I just imagine it all (or something even more sinister!). Well, I guess that I'll find out soon enough, as we're having a house meeting next week.

PS: Her name is supposedly Michelle, but it could be Michael for all I know. Lesson of the day, do not meet new people when half asleep.


Xuan said...

So funny... Looking forward to hear if your new housemate actually exists...

Dan said...

well, to be fair, you checked at 9pm, when everyone is out partying :P

also, i wouldnt think a conversation with "Is the room hot or is it just me" followed by some form of stripping from the opposite sex is boring. hahaha.

Shawn Tan said...

well, if it was a real dream, it shouldn't have just stopped there! hehe.. d: