Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dim Sum and Housemates

For some reason, I ended up bumping into a bunch of my new house mates yesterday. Firstly, on my way out, I bumped into Sunny, who had lived in the same house last year. He was the former house rep and I guess he's likely to be the rep again this year. As I was inspecting the incomplete kitchens in my house, I bumped into Shizuka, possibly a Japanese-French lady, who's doing Math. She speaks with a funny accent. While microwaving my dinner, I met Vick, a Chem Engineer from Girton. After dinner, I bumped into Zsolt (I don't know where he's from), who's a final year PhD in Math. Then, I've bumped into another Chinese looking girl living upstairs twice. But, we've yet to say a word to each other. She doesn't even say Hi. Her name is possible Natalie. And, I still have no idea if this Michelle from HongKong is real or not!

Oh, and being the only Electrical Engineer in the house, I took it upon myself to fix our telly. I sorted out the cables and rearranged everything neatly under the telly. I rolled up all the cables and connected them properly. Then, I tried getting Freeview but was unable to. After looking up some info on the Net, I managed to reset our Freeview receiver and configure it. Hooray, I've now got 30+ TV channels to watch for free! Too bad that F1 season is coming to an end. I think that I'll wake up early to catch the Shanghai GP tomorrow.

Today, I had dimsum for lunch at Charlie Chan's. It's the first time I had dimsum in the UK. I ended up paying £12.50 for my lunch. It's not too bad. I think it's something that I can do from time to time, but I'm most certainly not having it often. The quality is decent. I think I've been overly spoilt by the excellent dimsum shop in Happy Garden (Phang Kee). That one is really good.

I'm skipping most squashes this year. I think that I've had enough of little kids for now. The kids coming in this year are possibly 8-10 years younger than me. I wouldn't really be able to communicate with them. However, I'll still be meeting up with the Magdalene people tonite as we are having a cookout. I had volunteered to bring some pie but they might've enough food. I'm going to bring some drinks instead.

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Dan said...

I too, like Dim Sum and Housemates for lunch!!