Monday, August 06, 2007

Of DAP and the Islamic State

I am certainly not going to be tricked by DAP again. Thus far, our main opposition party has been fervently trying to get clarification on the statement made by our DPM that Malaysia is, and always has been, an Islamic State. That's why our dearest PM had to invent a new form of government over the weekend, a Secular Theocracy, in order to explain our concept of government and to silence everyone by saying everything and nothing at the same time.

DAP (hero wannabe) makes a lot of noise about our Gahmen (evil villain) violating the Merdeka social contract and overturning 44 years of convention on it's head. According to the DAP, Malaysia has always been a secular state with Islam as it's main religion. DAP decries our Gahmen's unilateral, unconstitutional and undemocratic way of declaring that Malaysia was an Islamic State.

However, I am at least old enough to remember the General Election where the DAP went to bed with PAS, which is a party that is hell-bent on turning Malaysia into an Islamic State. It was fairly happy with the relationship and didn't make any noise on this matter at the time even though PAS was very much louder than our Gahmen on spreading the whole concept of an Islamic State. While our Gahmen is currently only shouting labels, PAS had all the details spelled out. It is at the core of their party's manifesto. So, through it's actions, DAP had already shown that it is perfectly comfortable with the whole concept.

Due to this relationship, DAP lost some major parliamentary seats. Strong opposition leaders such as Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh were rejected by their own constituents, for what they interpreted as a betrayal, and thrown to the winds. As a result, PAS succeeded in becoming the main opposition party in parliament. Therefore, I am not particularly convinced by the rhetoric being spouted by DAP at this time. Nothing much has changed (LKS is till the strong-man of the party and our Opposition Leader). By action, the DAP has already proven that they are happy with an Islamic State. Now, they are merely talking and we all know that talk is cheap.

My conclusion is that everyone knows that a General Election is coming (I'm placing my bets on end 2007) and both sides want to garner more votes. UMNO wants to secure more Islamic votes and wrestle power away from PAS. DAP wants to secure more non-muslim votes to become a stronger opposition. Both the hero wannabe and the evil villain are acting in the same play and dancing to the same music.

And that is the reason why I say that our opposition is no different from our ruling party. They are both creatures of politics wrapped in the same cloth. I am already fed up by our politics. What I want is change. That is why I am hoping for a new opposition, Opposition 2.0. I am hoping that this will give the ruling coalition the kicking it needs to force them to change into Barisan Nasional 2.0. All this is just going to be good for everyone.

That's why I say that our opposition has to earn my vote. I am not convinced that they are any different from our Gahmen. But, one of my reader's comment is right. If we vote in our Opposition, we will probably have a better and far more efficient government. In fact, we will probably end up being an even stronger Islamic State, with PAS showing us the proper way it's done. To the DAP, I say this: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

PS: As for LKS's statements that our government is doing a "quantum jump and tectonic shift", I'd like to remind him that he had already beaten UMNO to it, many years ago. LKS had great fore-sight and chose to act decisively.

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