Thursday, August 02, 2007


Some friends have asked me what a Troll is. Wikipedia has a whole article about Internet Trolls. But, Google is your best friend, my friends. From Google's definitions, the very first item is:

"From the fishing term. As a noun, synonymous with flamebait. As a verb, to post controversial or provocative messages in a deliberate attempt to provoke flames."
And if that is still a bit too confusing (you may ask what is flame/flamebait), the next item of definition is:
"A newsgroup post that is deliberately incorrect, intended to provoke readers; or a person who makes such a post"
There are all kinds of Trolls in this world. There are tall ones, short ones, thin ones, and fat ones. Some are intelligent and some are stoopid. Some try to speak the truth, while others only claim to. Some Trolls like to steal stuff, while others like to cause mischief, like certain kinds of Toyol that we have back home. Whatever shape or form, we can generally agree that Trolls are not a Good Thing.

Overall, I'm happy that I have gained a few new readers to my blog. I'd also appreciate genuine comments on my blogs. If you think that I have said something wrong, please feel free to correct me. If anything is ambiguous, you can ask for an elaboration. If you're offended by any of the content, do inform me of it so that I can do something to it. What I do not approve of is hijacking my blog to spew hateful lies and to further some hidden agenda.

My blog is too small to start any flame war. What readers that I do have, are mainly my friends and I do not have too many of them either. Furthermore, most of my friends are not interested in trolling and neither am I. So, I would encourage Trolls to find some other place to express themselves. They can always start up their own blog and say anything that they want there.

As a precaution, I am removing anonymous comments from my blog. I apologise to some of my friends who like to post random comments. I am also asking the rest of my readers to ignore the Trolls. As it says at the top, DO NOT FEED THE TROLL. That will only serve to encourage it.

PS: Dear Troll, please don't spam my friend's blogs. It's just lame.

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