Thursday, August 02, 2007

Deaf Girl Graduating

When I read stories like this, it makes me feel happy. The story is one of perseverance, courage and tenacity. It is something that makes me think that there are so many people that are trying their best to achieve their dreams.

The only gripe that I have with the story is that the people who were administering the MUET test didn't use their brains. They didn't take into account that a deaf person might have to take a language test. Although they had exempted her from taking the listening and speaking test, they didn't adjust her scores accordingly. Therefore, she was not allowed to graduate, initially, for failing one of the requirements.

Thankfully, the university senate was a bit smarter. This is one of their top students, who has made the Dean's List twice and won an award for her final year project. It would be a crying shame if she was not allowed to graduate as a result of her disabilities. She should serve as an example to everyone, that you can succeed if you try.

I only hope that her future employers will take this into account when hiring her. Although she cannot communicate very well with other employees, she has proven to be a competent worker, able to produce excellent work. Her speaking disability is just a minor detail. Hopefully, she'll find employment with a forward thinking company and surround herself with compassionate people, who will make the extra effort to understand her.

** photo from TheStar

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