Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally, a BBQ!

Finally, after weeks and weeks of nothing but rain, we've got a short sunny break for the weekend. I exploited it by organising my long awaited barbeque for some friends.

I invited the Malaysian undergrads who chose to stay behind in Cambridge and also some of my post grad friends (ie, people my age). As I have quite a diverse group of people, I tried to make sure that everyone had some other friends from their own clique.

For some reason, at the end, all the people who turned up were doing something related to biology. The undergrads were mostly doing some summer research project in the Medical Research Council or some other bio lab. I was the only engineer there.

We got the king scout to start the fire for us. Then, we all started cooking the food. As usual, there was more than enough food as everyone brought something. I usually organise "bring your own meat" barbeques. It was fun. The weather was extremely wonderful. Everyon had a good time. It was a good way to spend a Sunday.

I still have some left over charcoal briquettes and fire starters. I think that I might organise another BBQ towards the end of summer. This is possibly the last year for me to live in this house. Better fully utilise the BBQ thingie.

PS. I hope that nobody ends up at Addenbrooke's tomorrow!

PPS. Oh shite! I accidentally sent the invite to MY's hermes email! No wonder she didn't turn up.


dan said...

ooo i see sam n xinyi. woohoo!

who was the king scout? eugene? hahahaha

-my- said...

Yalor, no wonder I didn't get an invitation. Hmmph!

Zen said...



[insert complaining here]

I hope the meat was tastily delicious!

Shawn Tan said...

MY: so sorry!! me + ray were both wondering why you didn't turn up.. i'd only just realised why.. d:

ZEN: err... you half the planet away!!

~ xYz ~ said...

heyyyy... i'm sure there are better pics right, i look so short and stout here! =p

Shawn Tan said...

as you can see, i wasn't the one taking the picture!! i used this one as most people were in it.