Monday, July 09, 2007

PM and Apostasy

I wonder why this news isn't featured in any of our local media yet. Maybe it's the latest news and they've just not picked up on it yet. Afterall, Reuters is a major newswire. According to the article, our dearest PM vows to resolve Muslim conversion woes. The article quotes our PM of saying:

"This is not about something that cannot be done. For those who don't want to be Muslims anymore, what can you do?"
I really don't have much to say. All I can do is hope that he will do the right thing and defend our Constitution. Article 11 defends our right to religious freedom. Recent events have since sought to undermine our Constitution. Let's all pray that our dearest PM will at least try to fix the mess. And let me be proud to call myself a Malaysian again.

UPDATE@0845: Seems like TheStar might have picked up a similar story, although it's article doesn't make the same claims as the Reuters one. TheStar merely claims that our PM is on a fact finding mission and wants to find out why people want to leave the religion. It doesn't say that our PM promises to fix any problems. I guess that Reuters must have sexed up the article a bit, while TheStar dumbed it down a bit. So, this meant that our PM isn't about to do anything. How unsurprising and disappointing.

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