Thursday, May 03, 2007

I like political debates

We really should have these things in Malaysia. It would be very interesting to have the politicians fight it out in front of the camera. Let's put the heads of the major political parties on stage and let them ditch it out. We can put them in teams. The BN on one side and the opposition on the other side. We can give everyone 15 minutes of time to talk about various topics. Then, the people can make their choice of which party they'd like to lead them. Even if it doesn't do anything to improve transparency and democracy, it would be the best show on TV. You can be sure that everyone in the country would watch it, even if just for the sandiwara value.

The current French presidential elections is very interesting. Nicolas Sarkozy has 52% while Segolene Royal has 48%. I wonder what's the error for the poll, 5% maybe? It's still quit difficult to call. Another thing that I always wonder about is how they come up with these numbers. The fight is really quite close and everyone is busy watching. Whomever comes into power, there will be massive changes affected onto France. So, this is possibly the most important French elections ever.

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