Monday, May 14, 2007

Got my Kubuntu CDs in the mail

I just received my free Kubuntu CDs in the mail this afternoon. I ordered them about 3 weeks ago from ShipIt, which is in charge of shipping out free CDs of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I had also just ordered a few Ubuntu CDs from them yesterday. These are the latest versions that I've ordered.

If anyone wants to try out Linux, feel free to get some of these CDs from me. They are free of charge, and it allows you to try out the software live on the CD without installing it to your computer. So, you wouldn't even need to wipe out Windows to try it out. When you're done with it, just pass it on to someone else. I have both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions for the PC.

Another use for these CDs would be as rescue systems. I once helped a friend here who's Windows had refused to boot. I used the CDs to boot up, access the harddrive in order to back up the data. That's something that you cannot do with Windows. For some reason, I don't understand why there is such a deficiency considering that their product is prone to failures. It's probably for some technical reasons that I can't fathom, or maybe it's just pride. They could always just claim to be the world's first commercial live-CD distribution. Oh wait, that wouldn't be true, but why let the truth stop them!

Kubuntu/Ubuntu are supposed to be simple enough for the average person to use. Since I'm not the average person, I wouldn't know if this was true. It might be best to try it out for yourself. They are essentially the same except that Ubuntu comes with the GNOME desktop while Kubuntu uses KDE. There is also Xubuntu that uses XFCE but they don't ship free CDs.

If you're wondering why it is that Kubuntu/Ubuntu ships off free CDs, that's just their way of gaining market share. This tactic has helped them come from literally nowhere to become the most popular Linux distribution on the planet. Of course, having a properly polished product and good customer support helps as well. I like what it says on the back of the CD:

"Kubuntu is software libre. You are encouraged and legally entitled to copy, reinstall, modify, and redistribute this CD for yourself and your friends."
Viral marketing at it's best. How is Microsoft ever going to compete against that?

PS: Oh yea, it came with a strip of stickers too.

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