Monday, May 14, 2007

Dr Mahathir in ICU!

Oh my goodness!! Dr M is in hospital. According to reports, he had been admitted to the ICU. I hope that there's nothing seriously wrong with him. Although he is no longer a young man by any measure, he is still kicking ass!

I just hope that he gets well soon. Goodness knows that we still need him around. There just isn't anyone who can kick as much ass as he can. Even our current PM has to listen to him and react to his comments. Whatever is said about his politics and policies, no one can call Dr M a coward nor a yes man. He is his own man and he does things his way. For that alone, he has my respect.

On the same day, there's also an article about him defending himself from baseless accusations. He has been accused of shifting to the opposition. How blind these people are. He has never shifted from the main cause that brought him into politics in the first place. These people should go and read The Malay Dilemma and really understand the message that Dr M is trying to send them. When one points out flaws within one's own party, it doesn't make one an opposition member! This man still loves his people and loves his country. He could've retired in grace but decided to kick ass when he saw the raping that was going on.

I think that this even had actually over-shadowed the feel good event between our PM and the S'porean PM. Coincidentally, they were in Langkawi as well. Now what're the chances of that! (conspiracy gears turning...)

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