Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wow, we can still play badminton!

I'd given up on Malaysian badminton a long time ago. When I was a kid, I used to support our national team at all the different games. I remembered staying up at odd hours, in front of the television, cheering them on. Then, after winning the Thomas Cup, things unraveled. So, I gave up supporting them.

After coming across this news that we had won the All England doubles title, after a 25 year wait, it seems that there's still some hope left. According to the article, these two kids were playing a game above the rest of the field and there was no doubt that they would win.

If any of that is true, these kids should be given a heroes welcome, like how the Sidek brothers were treated after they won the last All England. I certainly hope that they will receive their just rewards. It wll serve as a good example to the other kids and hopefully get some more talent into the game so that I can support our national team once again!

Also, I hope that they won't end up being complacent. They're still too young to be complacent in this game. They've still got years to go before they hit their peak. So, even if they are showered with accolades and gifts, they should see it as a push to go further. I want to see us win some Olympic gold medals, please! We must be the only badminton 'power house' that hasn't gotten a gold.

There aren't that many sports that we are any good at. I should support at least some of it. As much as I respect Nicol David, I don't really appreciate squash as much as badminton. Now that Formula 1 has gotten a bit boring, it might be time for me to gyrate back to badminton again. Malaysia Boleh!

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