Sunday, March 11, 2007

Playing the Race/Religion card again.

When I read this article yesterday night, I was a bit miffed. This idiot was out blabbing his mouth off again. Then, I went to bed and by the time I got up this morning, I'd realised that he's making a fool of himself. So, I thought I'd blog about that instead.

When thinking about this, I recalled something that my friend said a couple of nights ago. The reason that the politicians in Malaysia play the race card is simply because it is the easiest card to play. They can talk about economy, healthcare and education till their throats run dry, but if someone pulls out the race card, everything that they had talked about goes out the window. That's just a fact of life with the constituents in Malaysia. Everyone cares more about their personal 'rights' than for the well being of the country.

As for this article, he has just confirmed for everyone, what we have all only suspected before this. The question that everyone should ask is how a non government official has so much access and influence into the free trade agreement negotiations between our country and the US. But that's not what's important in the article.

The important bit, which actually highlights a lot of problems with Malaysia, is the whole separation of race, religion and culture. If an Oxonian like him is unable to differentiate between them, I cannot really expect the rest of the 'kampung' folk back home to do so. And he doesn't seem to understand that banks have to have some collateral before giving out loans. If they don't, they will end up with bad debts, which will just give everyone (including the economy) a whole lot of problems. I wonder what he read there. Must not have been PPE.

I'm also really curious as to what Anwar has to say at the Union this friday. According to the Beebs, he's planning to run for PKR president ahead of April 2008. He believes, as I do, that we will have a general election this year, and he wants in. My friend was right in saying that he's pretty much our last best hope at present. I've always bashed PKR because they're a political party without a cause. However, if Anwar can come up with a worthy cause, who knows, they might actually be the better party to support.

However, I'm not gonna be catching his performance this Friday, as I plan to go watch a better one, AvenueQ, in London. Some of us are planning to go watch it with 2-for-1 tickets. So, I guess that I will have to pass on the Union, as much as I like juicy controversies.

UPDATE: Oh, while he's at it, could he kindly ask that the post of Finance Minister should revert back to the Chinese as it was originally agreed upon.

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