Monday, March 05, 2007

The sliding KLCI and my Prophetic Rear-End

Oh my! It seems that my rear-end is pretty good at predicting the stock market. Haha! The KLCI started today at 1152 points and fell down to 1090 points before closing at 1110. I mentioned in an earlier blog that the KLCI will continue to slide to 1100 points right after the slide began last week.

Hmm, while I'm on a roll, maybe I should make another prediction about Malaysia. I predict that parliament will be dissolved within this year. Once more, I'm pulling this prediction out of my rear-end. So, don't hedge any bets on this. However, if it does happen, it will make my rear-end damn prophetic. Haha.

Personally, I don't recommend that Joe Public bet his life savings on the stock market. This is simply because he doesn't have enough capital to affect the market in any way. Therefore, he will always be at the mercy of the big players. Hence, he will essentially be taken for a ride that is beyond his control. So, it is a bad idea for Joe Public to invest in shares. However prophetic I may be, I'm not an economist! So, take my financial advice with massive doses of salt!

As for the Malaysian economy, I'm still going to stick to my master economic indicator, crime rate. As long as crime rate is up, economy is down. It's just as simple as that. So, while we continue to read about the rising number of serious crimes being committed, in TheStar, we can rest assured that the economy is still down.

UPDATE: Seems like the market is turning around, all over the world. My rear-end is really prophetic! Haha!

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