Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sidney Formal and Stimulating Conversations

I had a formal at Sidney Sussex college tonite. Yea, I'm one step closer to finishing *all* the formals here! I decided not to drink tonite as it was an undergrad formal and pennying was most certainly going to happen.

The hall was interesting, with it's cute pink ceiling. They even had this little handheld bell, which was rung for grace. The food was not bad although Daniel wasn't exactly too happy with the portions. Overall, the formal was fairly different from most of the others I had been to. However, as LayPing feared, it doesn't come anywhere close to the Clare Hall one.

The conversation was quite interesting as well, although I only had Daniel for company for much of the formal as JunWei and LayPing were busy talking with other people. Then, after dinner, we adjourned to LayPing's place for a chat. We were soon joined by SuiSeng, who had to use her shower [because his boiler was down - Ed].

The topics were pretty stimulating in a sense. We talked about religion, politics, business and other stuff. There was a fair exchange of ideas and thoughts. I would say that I got to know them a little better after tonite. Although the food wasn't too great, the company for the evening was excellent, and I have our lovely hostess to thank for that.

One point was raised, which gave me some food for thought. The problems that our country faces are many, and the solutions to them are convoluted and few. We have the luxury to talk about them as we are in a position of privilege, but we do not really have our fingers on the pulse of the problem and we aren't in any position to do anything about them. I cannot argue with that.

*** image of ariel and layping (she was real tipsy at the end) ***

UPDATE: I cannot fathom why the Sidney toilets are protected with a 5-digit security code.

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