Sunday, February 25, 2007

What did I think about Malaysia Nite this year?

I've noticed an interesting trend in my blogs. I get an extremely high number of hits across the longest period of time whenever I blog about anything CUMaS. It's so much more than say my political or technology blogs. So, I'm guessing that this blog will get massive hits as well.

In order to avoid a flame war like my last blog about the food feast, I'll just stick with the good stuff. Being the analytical person that I am, I see good and bad in everything. My benchmark are the plays that we used to run when I was an undergrad. This one, still doesn't come quite close. However, we had much better resources to tap on. So, it's on a different level.

The play, was very comical. The jokes were very straight Malaysian and it just kept on coming. So, the audience was in stitches most of the time. I had some difficulty taking photographs as well as I had to either, delay my response to the joke for a few miliseconds, or have my hands shake so much that I cannot take a picture. So, it was tough being a photographer, but I tried my best.

The acting, by the main characters, was good. Their faces and voices were very expressive. I have enough pictures of WeeVien to make a photobook dedicated entirely to her facial expressions. Their exaggerated expressions just lent well to the kind of lame sitcoms that we are used to watching back home. So, it just made things right.

The dancing, was extremely good as well. However, they were both severely short. I barely had enough time to photograph the dance. So, I'm sorry if the dancers can't find themselves in my photos. I would even dare say that the dancing was actually better than the acting. Hopefully, someone would upload short video clips of the dance onto YouTube.

I have to tip my hat off to the freshers this year, who had dedicated a large chunk of their lives into making this production a success. Some of them had spent up to 12 hours a week, including 6am practice sessions. That required a serious amount of dedication. You all did a great job. Comments please!

*** image, one of the many photos i took tonite.. looks like a scene from Phantom.. ***

PS. My conversion rate is improving from the previous 10%. I took about 300 pics tonite, and got just under 30% good ones. I'll be uploading only the best of them.


weishen said...

Thank you! It feels wonderful!

Jin Yang said...

A video is on the way.. haha

Kuhan said...

Hell yea!
Everyone involved with MNite 2007 should well be proud of themselves. Given the resources and the hectic-ness of Cambridge guys did a fantastic job!

Kudos to everyone.

weishen said...

Freshers 2006-07 are wonderful! I like the way we are! hehe...

Wee Vien said...

this is the first time im actually reading the posts abt mnite! hehe.. sorry shawn.. didnt really know much abt ur blog! til now!
it's good! =)