Sunday, February 25, 2007

Malaysia Night 2007 Gallery

Alright people. I stayed up till very late last night working on these pictures. I tried to upload them last night but was unsuccessful. I've finally managed to accomplish that this morning. Some of these pictures are certainly worth quite a bit of money!

The pics are distributed under a specific creative commons license. If anyone intends to use any of the pictures for publishing, whether on blogs, websites, print or any other media, please respect the rights of distribution that have been granted.

Attribution is required. This can be easily done by saying something like: "Photographs courtesy of Shawn Tan" or something to that affect. If it is on the Internet, link back to my blog. The photos are not suitable for any form of commercial use, whether as a complete package or part of a complete package. On top of that, any derivative work needs to be distributed under the same creative commons license.

I would like to apologise for some obstacles in the way. The handrail for the stairs for one. I wasn't positioned very well and was on the wrong side of the stage for most of the night. For some reason, most of the action was happening facing the other side. I did my best with the pictures. If you think that the pictures are 'tilted' in anyway, they're 'straight'!!

Anyway, the pictures are on my Flickr gallery. Please use the link on the right sidebar to get there. Then, click on the M-Nite'07 photo set. Enjoy! Now, I'm feeling tired and going to go back to sleep. And oh yea, comments please!!

*** image of what weishen calls, 'the molestation of the male dancers' ***

PS. If anyone wants to create a fansite dedicated to the understudy, I've got many more photos of her facial expressions.

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Dan said...

a fansite dedicated to the understudy?!!?! eeeeeeee!!!!