Thursday, February 15, 2007

Super Magdalene Formal

Tonite, I had the pleasure of, enjoying the company of, two young engineers from Christ. For some reason, I'm not quite close to the people from that college. This is weird considering that there are so many Malaysians there.

So, I always seem to forget to invite these two over. I'm sure that there are plenty of other people from there that I've forgotten to invite. Last week, while we were in the DPO together, it just suddenly hit me, and I decided to invite them over for a formal.

It was a very special formal in many ways. I first noticed something was amiss when the entire centre row was decked out for fellow's guests. Usually, only one extra table is required. Then, the fellows came in from the front instead of from the hidden door. So, Shirley and DingDong didn't get to see the hidden door open.

Then, I saw our Vice Chancellor coming in with the Master. Then, DingDong snuck over to have a look at the guest list and saw some Lords and other VVIP dining in our hall. So, that explained the reason why the whole centre row was taken out. The grace was extra long tonight, befitting the company that we were having this evening.

After dinner, I took them to the MCR and showed Shirley our little coffee machine. She had never used one before and was interested to see how it worked. We were lucky enough to use it just as it required (1) more water (2) more beans and (3) cleaning. So, I did it all and let her enjoy her cuppa. She liked her coffee.

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