Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dragon Temperature

Hot, hot, hot!!! The thermometer is showing the current temperature in my room. Yes, it says 27C on it. My room temperature is almost like it is back home. Daniel was commenting about it this afternoon, when he came over.

I like to tell people that my room is warm because I'm a Malaysian. So, my room is kept at a temperature that reminds me of home. However, this is not quite the truth! My room has three heaters. Two big wall heaters and one fan heater that I move around. So, it is naturally warm and I have to keep my window open in order to survive in the room.

And, why is there a dragon in the room? Well, that was a gift from my ex. I like dragons. I actually have this really nice tin dragon back home in Malaysia. It's always fascinated me that, as diverse as every culture in this world is, they all have some form of mythical dragon. And I've always liked these mythical creatures. They exude lots of good qualities.

And these two items are sitting on an ancient hard disk drive that I had salvaged from my lab. The unit is larger than a Wii and holds a measly amount of data. It's one of the early models of hard drive. I'm keeping it (along with another two ancient museum pieces) as a souvenir.


Dan said...

i love dragons. if they have a sports team with a dragon as the emblem, i'm joining.

§pinzer said...

heya, just visiting! I see interesting articles about Quantum Computing, and by just flicking through I can see that one can never expect what the next post's gonna be ;)

Maybe I should expand my blogging horizon too lol.