Sunday, February 18, 2007

How our first external lion dance engagement went.

Today, we had our first ever external lion dance engagement. We were hired by a hotel outside of Cambridge to perform for them. The hotel was about an hour's drive out. To put it simply, it started with dark grey storm clouds and icy snow, but ended with bright yellow, warm sunny blue skies.

Initially, there was some problems with the transportation arrangements. This caused us to wait from 1.30pm till 5.00pm for our transport. Needless to say, we were not very happy. When we got to the hotel, the hotel management did not seem very welcoming either. They didn't like the fact that we did not visit the site in advance and we had to make a bunch of last minute changes to our acts. This was even reflected in the type of food that they served us for dinner (some 'tauge', 'kiam chai' and pork). Well, we finished up the food anyway.

However, after our first act, they were suitably impressed. They kept saying that we were like professionals. All I could do was smile and say thank you. But hey, we *are* professionals! I guess that the guests liked us as well. After our main performance, they even got us to bless the rest of the hotel and their kitchens as well. I guess that the staff liked the idea. By the end of the evening, for supper, they were serving us with peking duck, king prawns, dumplings, and a whole bunch of other good food. Well, what could I say except thank you again. We were also each given an 'angpow', which we're all greatful for. It's the first one i've received in several years. I'm keeping it for now.

So, all in all, it was a good outing. We may not have started on the right foot but things all turned out well in the end. The management was happy with us and will probably hire us again in the future. We will probably accept it as well, seeing that we've been treated well at the end. I guess that the hotel is probably thinking of other traditional celebrations and possibly even for wedding receptions.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

PS. One funny thing that Chris Yijin asked me was: "Are we that good?" I told him that I've of course seen some better, but I've seen many that are a lot worse. We may not be super good, but we are certainly not amateurs either.

*** image is of us glutons with our post performance supper. ***


Katie said...

AGREE!!! hehe~ ^o^

Yi Jin said...
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Yi Jin said...

i asked the question, not chris =) if i recall properly, u said sth like 6.5/10 =D

Shawn Tan said...

ooo... t'was you?? okay... i'll go fix my blog...