Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Seeing that I won't be in for most of the day tomorrow, I thought that I'd wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year. May everyone get stinking rich, fat with prosperity and live the good life this coming year! Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, on with my blog.

Our lion dance troupe is going to have a busy day tomorrow. We're leaving cambridge at 1.30pm to perform in a hotel outside of Cambridge. The hotel has provided us with transportation to get there and back. However, we are unlikely to arrive back in Cambridge before midnight. I'll be bringing my camera with me tomorrow. Hopefully, the hotel has some nice scenery to shoot.

Although we'd usually have a CNY eve makan in college, we're not having one this year seeing that our little YiJin is playing the lion's ass tomorrow.

As for the actual CNY day, we're also performing at Charlie Chan's. I recently found out that CC had once been voted one of the Top 6 Chinese restaurants in the UK. We will be getting a free meal there as per usual. They are our main benefactors/sponsors. I have no idea if the food is any good, but I do know that they're expensive. So, we're hoping to give them a good show on Sunday!

So, for our makan, we'll be having our Magdalene CNY makan on Monday instead. It will be in my room. However, no one (other than YiJin, YianNee and I) seems to be bringing anything. I seriously wonder if the three of us are going to have to cook for everyone. I don't really mind cooking a big meal as I've not cooked anything for quite a few months already. Would be nice to do some real cooking for once.

*** image from the CNY performance last year at Grafton ***


~ xYz ~ said...

happy chinese new year to you too! =)

Dan said...

eh i can't come on monday.. i have to do this potato thing.