Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why the founder is the BEST person to run a company.

Let's face it. If the CEOs that they hired were anywhere as good as the founders, they wouldn't be CEOs for hire but would be founders of other companies that are just as big and powerful. It's just been announced that Michael Dell will return to the helm of the company that he had founded more than two decades ago.

Dell seems to be learning the lesson that Apple and a host of other companies have learnt a long time ago. The best person to run a company is the founder. When the founder leaves, the successor is typically incapable of performing at a similar level. For those who're not familiar with Apple, it almost run to the ground by the CEO for hire. The Apple story is a little more spectacular as Steve Jobs was actually booted out of the company by the CEO that he hired. But he got the last laugh. They pretty much begged for him to come back to save the company. He did, and the rest is history. Now that Michael Dell is back, everyone will be hoping that he can turn his little baby around before it's too late.

Why is the founder the best person to run the company? One word says it all. Passion. He/She took the risk, believed in him/herself before anyone else in the world did, went through thick and thin, to turn the company into something significant. No one else has his/her vast knowledge and understanding of how and why things work, and his/her infinite love for this little company. Simple, no?

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