Thursday, December 07, 2006

Death of James Kim

i've been following the news of James Kim, former TechTV host, for a while now.. there is both good and bad in this particular story... in summary:

james and his family were on a holiday.. they were supposed to check into the hotel at 10pm saturday... however, they route that they had take was a dangerous one... on tuesday, when he failed to return to work, his colleagues were worried, and they put out a story about it on the internet... after that, the search was on... starting first with the people and then culminated in a 100+ man search of the area... including helicopters (both public + private)... two days ago, they found his family, a little exhausted, but alive in their car... and today, they found his body... he had set out to find help and had even trekked for several miles... however, his body succumed to the weather...

sad end... he was a cool guy...


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