Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Woah, the night is finally over. Everyone has gone home and it's 2.30am now. It was a wonderful CNY eve dinner. Us Magdalene peeps have a tradition of having CNYE dinner together. So it was this year. But seeing that my living room could easily fit in 30 people, I decided to expand it by inviting other friends. In the end, I had 25 people for dinner.

Needless to say, organisation was a bit hectic. I had YiJin and JinYang help buy some exotic foodstuff from our local Chinese supermarket. They ended up spending close to £100 pounds on it. However, I was afraid that the food might not be enough. So, I went to ASDA and carried home another 25kg worth of noodles, drinks and meat for the dinner.

I would like to especially thank Sam and WeiShen for arriving early and helping with the food preparation. If they hadn't given a hand, dinner would've started much later than it did.

I'd also like to thank EngTin and SiaoPei for volunteering themselves as chefs. They are a sweet couple. At one point, I almost wanted to announce to the entire room that they were married and should technically give out angpow to the rest of us. What stopped me was the fact that I was older than them!

We had our atmosphere pumped up with CNY songs that Zen burnt on a CD. Though it was a bit dodgy and certain tracks popped quite badly, like fire-crackers. SuetVoon and Chris brought over the MahJong and Poker set, which added to the merriness.

To everyone else, thanks for coming and adding to the CNY-ness. I hope that you enjoyed the evening!

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