Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blur Sotong

Blur sotong is a phrase that I use on someone who is totally blur. The reason for it has been lost in posterity. I was researching on the DAP for an angle to blog about when I received two emails from two equally blur sotong. In the end, I decided to blog about these two sotong instead.

The first blur sotong is organising a cookout for our engineering students here. We have an annual cookout for the Malaysian/Singaporean engineering students here. She sent out an email with the details of the cookout. She had also mentioned that she does not know who most of the Malaysian first years are. I cannot say that I blame her there as the first years this year seem so low profile. So, she asked us to help circulate the email around.

I was curious to see who might be coming. So, I scanned through the email list. Lo-and-behold, there was a member of the general public, who got invited. Granted, he is friends with many of us engineering students. But I found this unacceptable for a couple of reasons. First, she knowingly missed out a bunch of the existing students. Then, she also missed out a senior alum who is still working in Cambridge. But she included someone totally random!

The second blur sotong volunteered to help get me a ticket for a Beethoven performance. But I got an email instead, asking me if I still qualified for a student ticket. Granted, I was one of the IDP demonstrators but I'm still a student, okay! I think that this is my indicator that I've been around for far too long. People are no longer sure if I qualify as a student anymore.

Personally, I've got nothing against these two blur sotong. They are both very nice people with wonderful characters. Just that I got both of their emails at the same time. The weirdest thing is that both them have been described by many people as having a similar character. I guess that it has been proven now! They are both equally blur! Hahahaha!

Blur Sotong!!

PS: So, you'll need to wait for my next political blog.

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