Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What I did for Christmas

I have got probably, one of the nicest supervisors in Cambridge. Yea, lots of undergraduates complain about his lectures (he can be a little monotonous), but he is a very nice supervisor. Christmas is usually a private affair spent with close friends and family. When my supervisor found out that we were going to spend Christmas alone, he invited us over.

So, I originally planned to cycle there. However, it was raining. So, I had to take a cab instead. That was my first little adventure. The first few companies that I called, didn't even pick up the phone. I had started to panic a little, when one company actually picked up. I ordered a cab, and went downstairs. Surprisingly, the cab was already there, waiting for me. The cab must've been just hiding nearby.

We got on our way, and missed the junction to Coton. So, the cab reversed on the main road for a few hundred metres. Obviously, the whole road was totally empty. Thankfully, I could still recognise my supervisors house. Cost me more than a tenner to get there as I incurred a Christmas surcharge. But, I finally got there at the end.

My sup's wife whipped up a very traditional English Christmas dinner. There was tender turkey, bacon, sausage wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts, peas, carrots, stuffing, roast potatoes, bread sauce, gravy, cranberry sauce and more. I was totally stuffed, after the main meal. Then we went and listened to the Queen's Christmas address on telly. After that, we had very good Christmas pudding with custard, brandy butter and cream. My supervisor even lit the pudding on fire.

After tea and coffee, we were all really full. Therefore, we didn't have any minced pies. After playing a bit with the dog and cat, the guests excused ourselves and went home. Christmas is, after all, meant to be spent with close friends and family.

Oh yes, he even got us a gift, each. How nice. It was just unfortunate that I didn't bring my camera with me. I had left it behind as I didn't want to invade a family's privacy with my paparazzi SLR camera. I guess it's time I got a more discreet camera. Maybe the new waterproof and shockproof Olympus.

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