Monday, December 17, 2007

BBC iPlayer

The BBC had just recently launched a Flash version of their iPlayer, which allows you to watch shows from their broadcasts, up to 7 days after it airs. So, I went along and gave it a try today. I have to admit, that I hardly ever watch the telly these days, much less British telly. But this iPlayer could actually be a good thing. For one, I can watch select shows, whenever I feel like watching it instead of having to watch it at the select time.

So, I clicked on one of the shows on the front-page, and kicked back for an hour over lunch. Then, I explored it a bit more. It categorises the shows by various genres, and by broadcast day of the weak. I managed to catch an episode of Spooks and I thought it was reasonably good.

There was a bug in the iPlayer software though. The timer that keeps track of the show, keeps running even when the show is paused. So, I missed a few minutes of the ending of one episode when I paused it to go get some food from the kitchen. But it played all to the end, when I didn't pause it.

Anyway, it's a good way of catching any BBC series, at my leisure.

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