Sunday, November 25, 2007

There was NO use of Force!

I'd like to see the government say that they did not use any force. In the middle of the second clip, the police announce that: "bersurai serta-merta, atau kami akan suraikan dengan kekerasan", which roughly translates into "disperse immediately, or we shall use force".

Although I felt that the request that the participants wanted to put to the British High Commission was rather far fetched one, I still think that they have a right to put in their request. In a democracy, even the crazies have the right to be heard. Then, it would be up to Her Majesty's government to give them a sane reply. Our current government doesn't really have much say in the matter, considering that it doesn't involve them directly.

But I guess, someone up there, pantang dicabar and he had to take it out on somebody, after his failure in meeting the challenge, the very day after he issued it. So, he had to take it out on the next group of people, who didn't even bother to challenge him. But please lar, use some sense. There is no need to resort to these tactics when all people want to do is follow the system. They only want to submit a formal letter. Tu pun susah ke?

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