Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sad Parliament

Sad case. This video is being circulated on the Internet by various parties. Supposedly, it shows the sad situation when an MIC MP challenged Fong Po Kuan to a brawl. Well, this does happen in the video. However, I feel that the video actually shows much more than that.

Firstly, it shows the absolute lack of quality in our parliament, on both sides of the house. I always find it quite sad that our opposition leader is unable to properly argue in the national language. He can do it just fine in English. Granted, he was born pre-independence and so, he would not have learnt it in school. However, seeing that he needs it to do his job, he should have picked it up properly. It is considered a technical skill, in his case. It is painful to see him argue when he is constantly struggling for words.

Secondly, it is fairly comical, when a grown man challenges a woman with more white hair than him, to a brawl. I have no idea what kind of mileage he attempted to get by doing that. Presumably, he wanted to look tough and not back down when heckled. I guess, that's the theory behind it. The trouble is, even school yard bullies don't pick a fight with old ladies. So, he ended up looking extremely lame, instead of the macho man he wanted to be.

Thirdly, I don't understand the purpose for having a Speaker when he/she is unable to command any respect, much less authority. Whenever arguments ensue, the Speaker is supposed to re-establish order. Our Speaker doesn't seem to try very hard and in fact, seems to enjoy the exchanges going back and forth. You can actually see him grinning in the video.

Finally, I don't really understand how a follow up question on a land tax issue can lead into two parties fighting and challenging the manhood of each party. It is very sad, when a legitimate argument ended up taking up less than 2 minutes of the 7 minute clip. I don't understand how anything else can get done, if they spend most of their time showing off who's party is tougher.

PS: I am not a politician.

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