Monday, October 22, 2007

Why the big fuss over a Tape?

I just read an article in TheStar today about Anwar, being threatened coerced asked by the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) to hand over the original copy of the Lingam Tape. This got me asking, what the big deal is with regards to the tape. Anyone with half a brain can see that the aforementioned Tape isn't the issue. The issue is the allegation made by the Tape, not the Tape itself.

Let me try to spell it out in simple terms. For all we know, the whole conversation in the Tape is a fake. Since we're only privy to one side of the conversation, it could just be some lawyer actor talking into a phone bar of soap, with a judge nobody on the other end. So, I don't see what's the deal with the big fuss over the Tape. If the allegations are true, the Tape itself can serve as supporting evidence. However, as I see it, the Tape itself does not a case make. Alone, it would be too easy to tear apart in court. (IANAL, any lawyers reading my blog, please feel free to correct me.)

I'm fairly certain that the if the authorities wanted to find out whom the cameraman of the video was, all they'd have to do was to ask the main actor in it. But, that would imply that the lawyer actor would have to admit that he was playing the starring role in the scene. And that could land him in a whole world of trouble. I'm fairly certain that he has a fair idea of who it probably was. But, I guess, his only defence is to claim ignorance of the whole affair video shoot.

But then again, this is what you get with institutionalised denial pro-activism. Our government has learnt too much Tai Chi and are no longer capable of fighting issues head-on more than capable of avoiding pitfalls. When you build a house of cards, the slightest ill wind can bring it down. Instead of investigating the people implicated by the contents of the tape, our authorities are trying their damnest best to kill silence find the messenger(s). I guess that when you are unable to handle the message, the only way left is to take care of the messenger(s).

That's the main reason given by the opposition party members, in protecting the identity of their source. With the kind of high-stakes being played in this game, who knows what will happen when the person shows his/her face. A person's life is only worth the money it costs to hire a hitman problem solver. And in a land of slowing economy, with many desperate people, it probably wouldn't cost too much.

So, I would really hope that the opposition members stick to their guns. For Anwar, I'm sure that threatening him with another 2 years in jail, isn't going to scare him much. He's already done more time than that. Considering that our government has just proudly declared that the present administration has not used the ISA against anyone, I doubt that they'd like to slap it on him any time soon. Plus, the fact that he has a personal beef to settle, he isn't likely to back down.

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