Friday, October 19, 2007

My Formal Collection

Heh, I just came back from a formal at Lucy Cav, this evening. It was an excellent formal and the company was great. YianNee organised a special Lucy formal for the Magdalene people. So, a whole bunch of us went. The food was great, possibly second only to Clare Hall. Although it cost £10, it was well worth the money.

The people who went were: YianNee, Me, YiJin, Ray, JinYang, Ashok and MeiSheng.

I have almost completed my collection of Cambridge formals. The list of colleges that I have yet to do are:

  • Christ's (this will be the last one)
  • Downing (got a fren there)
  • Newnham (getting tix for the x'mas one)
  • Selwyn
  • Trinity Hall
  • Wolfson
I'm hoping to get it all done before I leave. I've got most of it done anyway.

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