Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jet Lag, Work, Food

I kind of hate long haul flights. It screws around with my body, taking me a while to get back to normal. I've been back to Cambridge for a few days now. However, I still feel jet lagged. I wake up in the early hours of the day and then feel sleepy again sometime in the afternoon. My arms and legs also hurt and I feel distracted.

Work has started as soon as I got back. Term starts this week and classes at CUED start this Thursday. I've got my teaching schedule for Division F. I'm going to be in the department on everyday, except Thurs/Fri. On top of that, my Division B work is also not progressing well. There are many problems with the installation of Mentor Graphics EDA tools. If it doesn't get sorted out in the next couple of weeks, I'm royally screwed. I've offered to help them fix the problem but they're hesitant in giving me root access to the machine. So, they'll find me another machine to play with instead.

I've been eating out the last few days because they're still installing the new kitchens in my new house. They won't be done until early next week. As a result, I've discovered this little Chinese restaurant near my place. It has nice food, and good service. The prices are decent too. I'm never ever returning to JingLing again. This Shanghai restaurant has nice courteous people working there (unlike the sour-faced people at JingLing). The food also tastes quite good. For some reason, I didn't feel too thirsty (maybe they use less MSG).

I wonder what I'm going to do for dinner tonight. I've not made any plans with anyone and I'm living too far away for me to contemplate going back to Ramsay for food. Maybe I'll go to the Chinese buffet nearby, or have some fast food instead. There's a KFC, BK and Sbarro nearby. Once the kitchens are done, I reckon that I'd be doing a lot of cooking. I will probably shop at Tesco and cook at home for dinner. I'll probably have lunch at the department seeing that I'll be in there most days of the week.

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