Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blabber Mouth Malaysian Minister

Interestingly enough, the Beebs has caught onto a statement made by one of our most blabber mouthed ministers. According to other alternative news sources, it seems that our minister has been watching one too many Hollywood productions. He was caught with his pants down saying that the witness, who recorded the damning evidence in the Lingam fiasco, should reveal him/herself.

In order to compel the witness to come forward, our de-facto Minister of Law said that the government can protect him under the Witness Protection Act. He claims that the witness can be given a new identity and even a new face through plastic surgery. The article quotes him as saying that:

"The government will give the witness a new identity. So what is there to be afraid of?"

Maybe the witness needs to be afraid of lies, and more lies. Lies that can potentially get him killed. What our Minister was ignorant of is that such a law does not exist in Malaysia at all. There isn't any legal provision to provide witnesses and whistleblowers with any form of protection. So, our Minister was caught with his pants down by almost everyone except the mainstream media.

In actual fact, there is no need for the witness to come forward to certify the authenticity of the tape. Seriously, I don't even see how this is an issue. Although it may be impossible to use technology to certify 100% that the tape is authentic, it is definitely possible to check to see if the tape is a fake, through technical means. If we do not have the means to do so in Malaysia, we can always request for foreign help. We were all ready to ask the FBI for help in the Nurin case. I'm sure that we can always get technical expertise to disqualify the tape if it was faked in any way.

Furthermore, the investigation into the matter can be conducted without certifying the authenticity of the tape. If we assume for the moment that the tape may or may not be true, we can corroborate the evidence presented in the tape with evidence from other sources. That's what an investigation is supposed to do. Find other evidence to support or rebut the allegations made through the tape. If the entire case is going to be built on a single tape, it just goes to show how weak the case is to begin with.

Even if the person who made the tape came forward and revealed him/herself, it doesn't change the status of the tape. The next phase of the investigation would be to investigate the witness to see if he/she has any ulterior motive in exposing the fiasco and if he/she has sufficient moral standing. All of this is totally ignoring the crux of the issue, and that's what our country is always very good at doing.

I just find this all very funny. We never seem to be able to face facts.

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