Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nobody is above the Law!??

According to an UMNO VP, nobody in our country is above the Law. I've just come to a sad realisation that it's actually the other way around. Everyone seems to be above the law. He claims that it's because there are too many irresponsible bloggers out there, that forced the government to step in and take action (i.e. crackdown). I quote from TheStar article:

"Whether in the alam maya (cyber world) or the alam nyata (physical world), people cannot simply write whatever they want especially if it is touches on religion, culture, the rulers' position or the Constitution. These will be monitored."
I only wish if that was true. Someone in very high political office had recently blatantly said something that was against our Constitution and touched on the highly sensitive topic of religion. However, it doesn't seem like any sort of action is being taken against that person. It's unlikely that anything will ever be done. We've all just been told to shut up and not talk about that topic anymore. So, let's not rehash old topics.
"We are a democratic country but it does not mean anyone can do whatever they want, including break the laws."
Of course, in a true democracy, everyone is free to do anything they want, as long as they do not break the Law. However, in practise, it's a little different as anyone is free to do anything they want, as long as they do not get caught. And in most corrupt countries (which is all countries), if you know the right people, it doesn't matter even if you're caught. I most certainly think that our politicians are the last people who should preach adherence to the Law.

Let's all honestly ask ourselves if we have truly never broken any law before. I'm sure that under enough scrutiny, none of us can say that we've never broken any law. That's why it's important to protect personal privacy. It's simply the nature of Law that we've certainly broken some at one time or another. That's why I say that everyone seems to be above the law, until of course, some invisible threshold is crossed.

Like Mr Wee who ended up making a nice music video. If he hadn't uploaded it to YouTube, he would've probably have gotten away with distributing it among friends (who then distribute it among their friends). Our Authorities just don't like it when anyone does anything that makes them lose face.

PS: Found another nice music video by Mr Wee.

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