Saturday, July 14, 2007

Interesting PSD Developments

I'd just read an interesting article in TheStar today on recent changes being made by our Public Service Department (PSD). There are two interesting bits in the article.

Firstly, that certainly online doctorates will be accredited and people who have earned PhDs through these programmes will get the requisite pay raise. Interesting. It may sound dodgy at first, but if it's done properly, online degrees are no different from part-time degrees. However, there are many online degree programmes that aren't quite honest. The government encourages potential candidates to check with the PSD first, before signing up for any of these degrees.

Secondly, all Masters of Engineering (MEng) degrees from the UK will now be considered equivalent to first degrees. People have been saying this for a long time. The MEng isn't actually a Masters as it is mainly a finishing period for a bachelors degree. Most MEng essentially cover only the final year equivalent of many bachelor programmes elsewhere, including Malaysia. So, it's about time that this was recognised.

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KC said...

I couldn't agree more but how about people with a BEng (3yrs) from the UK institutions? Equivalent to diploma? haha