Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hehe, I was the only non second year engineer or nat-sci at Wok-n-Grill today. They had their post-exam celebratory lunch there. Since I had never been there before, I had invited myself along. The fact that I know almost all of them certainly helped.

The other people there were (from left) HongKing, Sheila, Royce, YauYu, JiaHui, YiFan, TianYi, YiJin and Chris. The only person that I did not know was Sheila and TianYi. I've heard enough stories about Sheila (Royce's girlfriend) from the other people that it was nice to put a face to the name. TianYi was supposed to go on the same skiing trip with us but pulled out last minute.

Most of us cycled to get there. Wok-n-Grill is located in Trumpington, which is just south of Cambridge. It is a Chinese buffet, with better food than any of the other Chinese buffets in Cambridge. They also had a chef from Ipoh. So, that was a good sign. Anyway, getting there was half the fun. YauYu didn't really know how to cycle. JiaHui was in a small fit because nobody would walk with her there. We bumped into YiFan who cheerfully walked there on his own. HongKing almost didn't make it.

The food was generally good. The Tepanyaki bit has quite a lot of gaya in the cooking style. Instead of the Japanese kind of frying done by some random Indian/European chef, which we usually get elsewhere, we got the Ipoh chef to cook our food in a Chinese wok, with the requisite fire burning off the side of the wok while he tosses the food around in it. Very gaya leh. The mutu is decent, which is better than most of the other places in Cambridge. And the price is 7.30 quid, which is quite affordable for the standard here. I quite a bit of food. So, I decided to skip dinner instead. I had originally planned to cook some proper food for dinner today. But in the end, I just skipped it.

I almost forgot to go pick up the VLSI project reports at 5pm today. I got to CUED at 5.10pm, in time to meet my supervisor. He was waiting for me. He had actually MSN-ed me at 5.05pm to ask me if I was coming in. I was fairly surprised that the students this year had actually handed in their reports on time. In previous years, I would typically witness the panicked last minute student rushing to get his/her report printed, stapled and bound at 5pm! Also, the reports this year were of a decent length as I could fit 18 of them into my bag, and only had to carry 4 of them in a plastic bag. Now, I have to find a way to finish marking all 22 reports by Monday 4pm!


Imran Yusuff said...

I met a fish-and-chips towkay from Ipoh too in Ely...

Shawn Tan said...

I think that I know exactly which F+C shop you are talking about! I think that I had actually bought F+C from them when I was in Ely!