Saturday, June 30, 2007

Suicide Molotov Coctail

I came back from seeing off some friends on their graduation at the senate house to see the latest news of an attack on Glasgow airport. So, I guess this attack succeeded where the one yesterday failed.

No one knows for sure if the two attacks are related as no one has claimed any responsibility yet. However, the authorities believe that it is linked to the incidents in London and are treating this as a plausible terrorist attack.

The police have two men in custody, one is in the hospital being treated for burns. A device had been retrieved from the person of the suspect being detained in the hospital and is under investigation. The press suspect that it might've been a suicide belt. There is also a member of the public being treated for injuries as there were about 30+ people outside the terminal when it happened.

Just like yesterday, the members of the public played a key role today. Some members of the public helped the police to wrestle one of the men to the ground. The authorities thank the public for their support, but are urging the public not to do that in the future. They're encouraging the public to run away, when these things happen in the future, and let the police handle the matter. I think it might be wise, as the evil men might have detonated a suicide belt and killed more people. However, they are asking the public to report any and all suspicious activity in the near future.

I find a few things interesting though. Firstly, members of the public are going to call in any random thing now, and the police will be up to their necks, investigating every little suspicious activity. Secondly, how everyone is assuming that it's an attack by muslim extremists. I heard the words Al-Qaeda bandied about quite a bit on the news yesterday.

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