Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Dell Laptops

Looks like Dell has been listening to the prayers of many computer users. Today, Dell has released a whole new line of Inspiron laptops (1420, 1520, 1521, 1720 and 1721) that come in 8 different colours. It's all part of Dell 2.0, which is trying to re-invent itself after losing it's market dominance.

For the moment, the lines are only come with Windows but I'm hopeful that this will change as more and more lines get certified for use with Linux. Besides releasing new laptops, Dell will also go retail soon with several chains already signed up to sell Dells in-store.

It might be wise for me to delay my new laptop purchase for another month or so. This summer season is when all the major brands start releasing new laptops to catch the back-to-school season. Although I've more or less settled on the Compal IFL90 as my laptop choice, it would be prudent to see what else is on the market later. For the moment, my fully decked out IFL90 costs about 200 quid less than a brand notebook with equivalent specs. But many things may change in the next few weeks as all the major brands try to outdo each other and jostle for market space.

UPDATE@1015+1: It seems like I was wrong. The new 1420N is part of Dell's Linux line of laptops. It is housed in a magnesium allow casing instead of cheap plastic. The only limitation on the laptop is the graphics, as it comes with the X3100 and no upgrade uption. Most importantly, Dell isn't just playing lip-service to Linux as it is now charging it's customers up to US$ 275 for 1 years OS support. Decked out (T7300, 2Gb RAM, 80Gb HDD) it costs USD 1139 (GBP 600). It is cheaper if I opt for only the basic 1Gb RAM and install the additional RAM myself (USD 150 for 1Gb RAM is too ex). Aside from the graphics, it is a cheap Santa Rosa alternative. It even comes in 8 different colours.

Also, there are unofficial rumblings (from Dell people) that the Linux line is selling very well. After discovering this, HP is going to announce their own Linux line of computers within possibly the next few weeks. If that is true, the battle is pretty much over. The world's top 2 Tier 1 suppliers taking on Linux will give Linux the boost it needs to cut sharply into Microsoft's share.

When will Dell bring it's Linux line to the UK?!

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