Wednesday, June 13, 2007

JANET is down!

Oh man, JANET is down. The network went down at 11.15am today and has yet to be completely restored. For several hours, we were totally cut off from any network that didn't reside in the British Isles.

UPDATE@1400:Part of the network that links us to continental Europe is up. However, much of the Internet is still inaccessible. I guess that the routers are still busy updating their routing tables.

UPDATE@2215: JANET went totally dead at around 5pm and stayed dead until a few minutes ago. I have no idea how long this will stay up. Hopefully, they've fixed whatever problem it was that was causing it.

Good thing that I had other things to do today. Otherwise, life without the Internet would have sucked!

UPDATE@0915+1: JANET went totally dead at 11pm again last nite and only came back up again at 7.15 this morning. Seriously, I don't know what is wrong and I hope that they sort it out. It would not do for the whole network to be so unstable for such a long time. A lot of people depend on the network.

UPDATE@1350+1: JANET has been up without any problems so far. So, hopefully, it'll stay up.

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