Friday, June 15, 2007

Flooding in the UK - BBC News 24

One of the main headlines for today is the flooding situation all over the UK. A lot of rain has been falling over much of the British Isles. I did not realise that the River Cam itself had swelled as I was in Duxford for most of the day.

But when I got back and switched on the news, there was this picture of Victoria Bridge. Notice that the gates are under water! The gates mark where the bicycle and joggers path usually are. I sometimes pass through that area on my way to the shooting range.

BBC News 24 is quite entertaining. As I type this blog, I'm watching another programme, where they are interviewing and grilling their own news staff. One viewer had complained about BBC's reporting on the recent row between the Church and Sony regarding the use of Manchester Cathedral in the violent video game Resistance: Fall of Man. The BBC had reported the news with the bias that violent games are related to rising violent crime. As a result of this complaint, the BBC news reporter had to defend their reporting live on air, which I find fairly interesting.

At the moment, they are asking a show's producer why they changed the reporting of a particular story between the 1pm and 6pm news. The news used the "N" word to describe some black people. So, they decided to change it instead. This interesting programme is called NewsWatch. Quite interesting. Reporters and producers being held accountable for their own reporting is something quite foreign back home.

PS: I won't be updating this blog for a few days as I will be in Stockholm. Swedish Krona is a very tough currency to change! Will update the blog with Stockholm pics when I get back.

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