Monday, June 25, 2007

Flooding in UK and Malaysia

Many parts of the UK are currently inundated with flood. Some parts of the country are seeing their annual rainfall coming down on them over the course of a few days. The people are taking it in their stride. However, this is a problem and clearly, something needs to be done.

Maybe, as Malaysians, we should show them how things are done. We have annual flooding problems in Kuala Lumpur, due to our seasonal monsoon weather. It is great that our DPM has come out to say that our City requires a comprehensive solution to the flood problem.

We should suggest to the Brits to build an overpriced underground longkang to drain all the torrential rain water away from major residential areas. We can teach them to spend over GBP 300 million on an untested tunnel that is advertised to solve the flood problem by draining away up to 45% of the flood water. The fact that we will now have knee-deep, as opposed to waist-deep, flood waters will go down well with the people (maybe not the kids who like to play in flood water). Instead of losing all of their property, the people will only lose at least 50% of their property. This is obviously a good way to spend taxpayers money to solve an annually recurring problem.

The Brits could benefit greatly by learing from our expert experience in dealing with this problem. We have torrential rains for at least half the year. The kind of rain that they deal with here is laughable. Clearly, we should do some technology transfer and help the Brits to solve their problem. It's about time for us to contribute something back to our colonial masters, anyway.

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