Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cambridge Strawberry Fair

I had heard about this Strawberry Fair that was happening today, in Cambridge. Seeing that it was some random English fair that I have never been to before. I thought that it would be interesting to see what they did. My friend thought that it sounded like a kid's fair. Needless to say, it was most certainly not a kiddy affair.

I later found out from some friends that people come to this fair to get high. When we arrived, we had this distinct feeling that there was something very different about this fair. There were far too many people with tattoos and gothic or hippie style dressing here. I was later told that the shooting range was closed today as they felt that it was a little to dangerous to leave it open, with so many people getting high nearby.

There were many performances set up on the fair grounds. They would perform all through the day, till about 10pm. The acts were quite interesting, ranging from good, to bad. There was this one band that seemed like they were made up of retirees. They didn't sing very well, even though their music was okay. There were other acts of course, some of which were actually fairly decent.

There were of course, lots of stalls that sold various stuff and some even provided services like massages, tarot card readings and what nots. With the weather being so bright and shiny today at 23C, there wasn't a shortage of ice cream trucks. There were also plenty of food stalls, selling all kinds of foreign food.

Although the kids weren't born in the 60s or 80s, they weren't left out either. There was a bunch of Cambridge students at hand, teaching kids about the finer points of how things work. The kids were able to have their own fun in their own little corner of the fair. At one end of the fair, there was a collection of fairly weird new age stalls. We called them 'hippie stalls'.

Finally, at around midday, there was a short parade through the fair grounds. A bunch of people dressed up as plants and insects, followed by a crowed of people in green, banging away on their drums. This is probably British silliness at it's best.

All in all, it was a fun and interesting experience. Certainly, I managed to get some unique pictures that I wouldn't have managed to get otherwise.


weishen said...

Wah...still got time jalan-jalan! So nice... Good for you

Shawn Tan said...

yesterday's weather was so nice and warm... if dun jalan now, later become cold again, cannot jalan..