Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zepto Znote 6224W

For some reason, this gaming notebook brand is quite cheap, when compared to other mainstream gaming notebook rigs like Voodoo or Alienware. This starts at only GBP 564 and can be customised to a Santa Rosa platform for about GBP 670 (excluding VAT). However, there are several differences that set this notebook apart from the R70.

Whilst most of the Santa Rosa notebooks out there use the normal 667MHz PC5300 memory, this notebook uses the 800MHz PC6400 memory. This will easily give an additional 20% boost in performance as the memory is much faster. The T7100 Core2Duo is capable of using the faster 800MHz memory, unlike it's predecessors. However, the other manufacturers bundle all their entry level Santa Rosa machines with the cheaper 667MHz memory modules.

So, if I want the faster memory, I would have to pay about GBP 100 extra. Well, it's just another machine to consider. I'm going to stick them all up on my blog so that I can quickly look them up when the time comes for me to make my purchase.

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Sam said...

Their site lets you customise almost every component in the laptop past their original spec, including 800MHz memory