Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Woot! Upgraded MacBooks!

Wow, I was just looking at new notebook computers yesterday. I am planning to get a new one as my current one is feeling really old and is starting to go bad. It reports some harddisk errors from time to time and the on-board thermal sensor isn't working properly.

Today, apple had launched new MacBooks. The new ones have a better spec than the old ones at a cheaper price! The equivalent Dell sells for about 40 quid extra! When a MacBook is cheaper than a Dell, it is definitely a good buy. I'm seriously considering getting a new MacBook before I leave the UK and claim the 100+ quid of VAT on my way out. That would make the MacBook really really cheap!

Now, the only question is of when, rather than what. However, I wouldn't run MacOSX on the MacBook. I'd run Linux on it. Yes, you can run Linux on a Mac. You can run Linux on anything that computes, even your router. I'll leave you with a short video made by Novell. It's a spoof on the Get-a-Mac ads from Apple. It even has a similar jingle.

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