Monday, May 28, 2007

Whitebook instead?

I told Imran that I was thinking of buying a new notebook and he jokingly suggested that I should assemble one myself. I suddenly recalled that I could! There are such things called whitebooks that I could assemble into my own notebook!

This gives me several advantages. It would allow me to build the machine to the specific requirements that I want. It will give me a very unique machine (one of it's kind in the world). It would also allow me to upgrade my notebook if I need to in the future. So, maybe I could start looking at some whitebook models and prices, along with places to purchase them. They're notoriously difficult to buy off-the-shelf as not many people carry them.

It might be possible to buy them online though. It would be cool if I could get my own whitebook. There wouldn't be much in terms of learning, but it would be very nice to have my own custom machine, without any stickers/labels/brands. It would also be nice to not have to pay the unnecessary Microsoft tax. All good things to think about.

PS: One thing that is good about building a whitebook is that I can re-use some of the parts that I currently have. I currently have two notebook harddrives with me and two mini-pci wifi cards as well. These are standard parts and should just fit.

UPDATE@1930: Whitebooks are fun, but they're extremely difficult to purchase. I only managed to find a few stores online that sell them, after a whole day of digging. So, it's probably not a good idea to get one at this time.

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