Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's official, PKR is lame!

After causing so much sensation, Anwar had to finally withdraw himself from the presidential nominations. So, his wife had won the presidency uncontested. If this was going to be outcome anyway, he should've just let it be and not gotten himself nominated at all. That way, people would've at least had the illusion that PKR was a mature political party. Now, they just lose a lot of credibility and face.

Anwar had made so much noise about this nomination and set himself up for a confrontation with the Registrar of Societies (ROS). When the verdict was handed down by the ROS, he just chickened out and accepted it. I wonder what happened to all the appeals that they had planned to file to manipulate the system. At the moment, they just look terribly lame. Anwar had confronted his own party members, put the PKR constitution on the sacrificial block, and all for naught.

As a result of all the political manipulating, one of their vice president nominees had quit. He was supposedly a staunch supporter of Anwar and friends for 30 years but cited his devastation as the reason for his resignation. If this man is as strong as he claims to be, there will be more people leaving the PKR soon, especially the disenfranchised Indians. A couple of the Indian PKR deputy chiefs have also quit along with him in a rare show of political solidarity.

"If you really want me to be legitimate, then give Wan Azizah the president's post but I will lead the party. Dia (ROS) main silat, kita main silat. (They want to silat with us, let us also do the silat.) They use technicalities, we also use technicalities. We have to make a wise decision." - Anwar
Then, instead of asking people to support his wife as the president of the PKR, his speech above just undermined her position totally. Now, everyone in the world knows that PKR has a lame president. The president will not have any say in what the party does. He doesn't even give face to his own spouse. Not only is he a lame politician, traitorous friend, but now a selfish husband. What can I say, it's politics! To quote his words, PKR is now just main silat only and irrelevant as political party that conducts itself seriously.


ahmad the terrorist said...

this is why we will always have the same political party in power.

Shawn Tan said...

i have no good comeback..