Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hiding in my room tomorrow!

Ooo, I'm going to hide in my room tomorrow. I had just received this email from my college. I think it was designed as an obvious warning to everyone to stay away from the Cambridge Union (CU) tomorrow. It reads:

"Dear All,

The Cambridge Union is hosting the President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, this Friday 11 May. The security operation is very extensive and no one will be allowed to attend his visit to the Cambridge Union Society event if they have not already received a ticket.

As advised by the Police and Special Branch police, please stay away from the Cambridge Union area if you have not been given a ticket: you will not be allowed in.

Thank you very much,

The Cambridge Union Society"
Hehe, that's why I'm staying inside tomorrow. Even the university and government expects some possible trouble. So, I'm certainly not going anywhere near the CU tomorrow, just in case some nut decides to blow it up. Magdalene is quite close to the CU and I would probably be able to hear it if something unusual happens. It's nice that the university plays host to all kinds of interesting folk here. From time to time, it is actually interesting to go listen to what some of these blokes have to say.

Hmm, I've also written quite a few blogs today. I guess that I must be making up for the absence over the last few days. I'm not quite done yet as I still have a lot of things to say. However, I might just leave some of it for tomorrow instead, since I'm going to have to hide indoors anyway.

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