Sunday, May 27, 2007

BenQ Joybook S41

Seriously, there are a lot of very affordable Santa Rosa notebooks coming out soon. According to this article, the BenQ Joybook S41 will be released in June at the price of RM 3999 (GBP 595)! I guess that the GBP 600+ mark is going to be the new benchmark for entry level Santa Rosa notebooks.

The S41 comes with much better specs than the Samsung R70. It has a slightly smaller display and lighter weight. It will also come with the NV 8600M GS, which is twice the speed of the graphics on the R70. This graphics card eats Doom3 for lunch. It also has an ExpressCard slot, which the R70 lacks. It also has an A/B/G/N wireless capability and Bluetooth, both of which is missing from the R70.

Just like every other notebook manufacturer, aesthetics are beginning to be a concern. The S41 sports, what they call, a Laminated Colour Metal (LCM) skin with Pop Art design (whatever all that means). The pictures look quite nice though.

The only question now is what memory, hdd and other configs it sports. I might even be able to get a dealers pricing for this notebook, which will just make it even cheaper. I doubt that this notebook will make it to Europe. So, if I want it, I would have to get it when I go home. Well, I won't have to worry about reclaiming VAT then. So, this is now my new benchmark for a Santa Rosa notebook. It's unfortunate that AMD doesn't yet have an answer to the Santa Rosa. The Core2Duo line of processors beat the Turions in every benchmark.


Anonymous said...

so when u coming back to malaysia to get this baby? i ask around and the price is rm3999 .. anyway to get cheaper? pls reply to

Shawn Tan said...

haha, i dun think it'll be any cheaper than that.. i've heard that it's going to be USD 1250.. anyway, at RM 4k, it's actually quite a competitive price for an entry level Santa Rosa notebook.

If you want a cheaper machine, you could look at getting an AMD based one in the near future. AMD just slashed prices and their processors are only slightly slower than the C2Ds.