Sunday, April 29, 2007

My first author friend!

Haha, it's not everyday that you discover that you have a friend who's been secretly writing a book behind your back and not telling anyone about it [Not telling me is particularly bad! - Me]. Naughty naughty!! A friend of mine stumbled across the web site and sent me the link. The author is a good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless). At least I thought that we were good friends.

Anyway, I have many friends who are budding writers. A lot of them have the creativity and ideas. My former roomie, who's currently teaching chemistry in Malaysia, used to talk to me about his stories. I've currently got another friend here, who's a budding author as well. We've also been talking about stories and ideas. I generally like creative people and I like talking about interesting ideas. Plus, I've got some interesting ideas myself. As these are my friends, I like to encourage them a little by giving them a gentle push. [I do things like bug them for progress updates and drafts! - Me]. Of course, I will always ask for a signed first edition (when they ultimately do get published!).

However, this particular good friend of mine has obviously not even told me about this private little endeavour. So, I'm certainly not going to see any signed first editions. Heck, this is supposedly the third edition already. So, I'm quite dissappointed leh. Since I know that my friend reads my blog, I'm going to take this opportunity to complain a bit. Never mind lar.. Dun tell me lar.. Let me find out like this lar.. Now I know lar.. So like that lar.. Bonne chance, m'amie [Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag? - Me]. I wonder if this signals a trend. Will this good friend of mine start writing academic books? I would've normally said no but then, I don't really know what this good friend of mine is up to anyway.

UPDATE@1145: Was just told that another friend of mine (who shall also remain nameless) is also writing an academic book. According to Amazon, it's coming in Aug 2007. Wah lau! How come my medic friends all like that one ar? Don't they know that there are no such things as secrets here in Cambridge?


Anonymous said...

What lah such a feeble attempt at protecting your friend's privacy - anyone can now find out who (s)he is by searching for the book's title, which you didn't blackout, on Amazon!

Shawn Tan said...

Hehe, isn't that the whole point? d: