Saturday, April 14, 2007

Most expensive dogs in Malaysia!

Lucky and Flo are probably the most expensive pair of dogs in Malaysia. This pair of dogs are worth at least RM 100,000 now. Should the media content industry get a sniff of this, they must realise how silly DRM actually is.

These two dogs are specialists at sniffing out pirated good. They have time and again, busted the pirates by sniffing out their stash. Millions of ringgit of pirated goods have been seized as a result. Hence, the price on their heads have gone up to RM 50,000 each now. There is plenty of motivation to snuff these two out now. Therefore, these two dogs have to be very well guarded now.

The content industry spends millions of dollars each year, trying to come up with high-tech methods to beat the content pirates. They create wonderful new media, such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD, that feature heavily creative methods to defeat piracy. These methods are all juicy invitations to crackers around the world to break them.

Now, if they spent those millions of dollars to train up a legion of pirate sniffing dogs, they would probably be able to catch more pirates. They could supply these dogs to the various customs agencies around the world to prevent pirated goods from entering their borders. This would certainly be a better way to crackdown on piracy than using DRM.

However, I guess that using dogs just isn't as sexy. You can't pander of DOG as well as you can DRM. Plus, it doesn't solve the problem of content piracy over the Internet. But the content industry is missing the entire point. Content piracy over the Internet doesn't generate any income. It's usually just some kids downloading their favourite song. It's the real-world pirates that are illegally making money by marketing and selling the actual pirated content.

But I guess that the content industry doesn't really care about piracy. For instance, global sales of music CDs have gone up by 8% last year but the content industry are still screaming bloody thief everywhere they go. So, assuming that they will think and behave rationally is just out of the question, I guess.

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